Episode 2 of DevOps.com Podcast

Mitchell Ashley and I are joined this week by Stephen Wilson of Compuware. Stephen is a regular blogger here on DevOps.com, but is also the technical evangelist at Compuware.  Steve gives us his background and a brief description of what Compuware does.  Then we all talk a bit about Steve’s last article here on DevOps.com,  Don’t worry testing team, DevOps is here!. While some say that testing is a big loser in DevOps and many testing/QA teams feel a threat to their job security, Stephen says not true.  In fact DevOps makes the testing team superstars. Tes.com ting teams should embrace DevOps as it will make their job easier and more powerful, but not less important.  Steve talks about the concept of “continuous testing”.  All of this in just about 13 minutes.


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  • http://www.enov8.com Jane

    A great podcast guys … So good to hear DevOps is not just about “baby” continuos integration (boring) and has no regard to real quality. IMHO DevOps will eventually evolve into a realisation that we need to embrace quality teams more-so and help them do there job better (i.e. better environments, quick environment service, better orchestration etc) .. opposed to the ridiculous idea of losing them altogether. Keep it up :-)