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The fashionable IT crowd

The IT Crowd I was recently reading an article in Marie Claire UK (yes I do read non-nerdy publications, some higher AI should sentence my brain to enter a loop without an exit condition) which explained that women should start learning how to code in order to become successful professionally. That triggered my curiosity and I started to wonder when IT became classy enough to be mentioned in a fashion magazine. This might be the time for a little history. Don’t blame Information Technology. Once upon a time, well before the internet – yes kids, there was a time where people had to read books to access knowledge – IBM was ruling them all. It was such an important and powerful company that you could likely compare it to Google today. IBM salesmen were to wear suits, ties and an attaché case every day like other any other corporate person ...

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COBOL: Completely Obsolete But Omnipresent Language

The programming language COBOL is a nuisance, something everyone wants to get rid of; however, I’m about to advise you to learn it. It might be a gold mine. The IT world is a fast paced one where obsolescence is the rule and where things evolve so fast that any person who wants to understand it has to continuously learn and train. Languages, methodologies and technologies keep on changing, evolving to make programming easier, safer more robust and above all, faster. As to every rule, there is one exception. In 1959, convinced that the English language would be more suitable for programming than machine code or the assembly language, Grace Hopper creates the first ever human-readable programming language that would survive for over fifty years: COBOL COBOL, 55 years old and still in its youth, not ever thinking about retirement, has become a nuisance, something everyone wants to get rid ...

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Trust & the trusted image

What is Your Trust Model? Information security conversations often start with the question “What is your threat model?” This blog asks: “What is your trust model?”.  Trust is a complex subject and an integral part of managing DevOps-oriented organizations and highly automated IT infrastructures. Who (developers, ops) or what (code, process) is trusted to accomplish specific tasks in the infrastructure can sometimes be difficult to characterize to management, auditors, or in operational/incident reviews. The goal is to describe relationships among people and systems at work in the DevOps world and discuss approaches to making systems more transparent (to coders and non-coders!).   The Trusted Image Organizations like Amazon, Canonical, and Red Hat provide virtual machine images of popular operating system distributions. It’s common to launch these images directly “as-is” and install software onto them after launch. However, there are advantages to specializing one (or several) of these images and using ...

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