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Trust & the trusted image

What is Your Trust Model? Information security conversations often start with the question “What is your threat model?” This blog asks: “What is your trust model?”.  Trust is a complex subject and an integral part of managing DevOps-oriented organizations and highly automated IT infrastructures. Who (developers, ops) or what (code, process) is trusted to accomplish specific tasks in the infrastructure can sometimes be difficult to characterize to management, auditors, or in operational/incident reviews. The goal is to describe relationships among people and systems at work in the DevOps world and discuss approaches to making systems more transparent (to coders and non-coders!).   The Trusted Image Organizations like Amazon, Canonical, and Red Hat provide virtual machine images of popular operating system distributions. It’s common to launch these images directly “as-is” and install software onto them after launch. However, there are advantages to specializing one (or several) of these images and using ...

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