The Role of Observability Engineers in Managing Complex IT Systems

Observability engineers are increasingly becoming essential for managing the complexity and unpredictability of modern IT systems.

13 hours ago

Five Great DevOps Job Opportunities

Looking for a great new DevOps job? Check out these available opportunities at Kaseware, Justworks Labs and more!

14 hours ago

Raspberry Pi 5: Faster, Better, Stronger — Spendier

In an extra #TheLongView: Everyone’s favorite single-board ARM computer, the Raspberry Pi, has a new generation coming soon.

3 days ago

Senser Unveils AIOps Platform Using eBPF to Collect Data

Senser launched an AIOps platform that leverages eBPF in Linux operating systems to collect data from IT environments.

4 days ago

What is a Shadow Deployment?

Shadow deployment enables observation of changes without causing any disruption to a live application.

4 days ago

Dynatrace Survey Surfaces DevOps Automation Gains and Challenges

Dynatrace found investments in automation have improved software quality, reduced deployment failures and decreased IT costs.

4 days ago

What DevOps Teams Need to Know About Responsive Web Design

Here's how to to effectively implement and support RWD, enhancing UX and significantly improving overall user satisfaction and engagement.

5 days ago

Post service upgrade pods are taking too long to serve traffic

After a service upgrade the pods are taking too long to serve traffic. What would you need to find out…

5 days ago

Yes, Software Development is an Assembly Line, but not Like That

It should be no surprise to folks that agile software development grew out of manufacturing systems developed for exactly the…

5 days ago