Application Performance Management/Monitoring

AWS Cost Management in 2024

As businesses scale and diversify AWS services, it becomes crucial to manage costs to ensure cloud expenditures align with strategic…

5 hours ago

What Does Build Quality Look Like in Software Design?

By leveraging modern build health tools, DevOps teams can more effectively monitor a project’s overall quality and performance.

1 day ago

Arm Extends Processor Architecture to Transform IT

Two new Arm processors increase the performance-per-socket provided by 50% and performance-per-watt provided by 20%, respectively.

2 days ago

Cycode Brings Generative AI to App Security Posture Management

Cycode's generative AI capabilities in its ASPM platform make it simpler for DevSecOps teams to identify the root cause of…

2 days ago

What the Evolution of Specialized Hardware for AI and ML Means for DevOps

DevOps teams should consider a number of different strategies to ensure apps remain efficient and portable across various chip architectures.

1 week ago

ReversingLabs Applies AI to Better Secure Application Binaries

ReversingLabs launched a binary analysis tool that uses machine learning algorithms to identify risks before and after apps are deployed.

1 week ago

Will Generative AI Succeed Where AIOps Failed?

Generative AI can go so many places that AIOps could never, and provides a general-purpose approach that can be applied…

1 week ago

Veracode Report Shines Spotlight on Massive Application Security Debt

In an analysis of more than a million applications, Veracode found 42% contained flaws that remained unfixed for longer than…

1 week ago

Akamai Launches Gecko Edge Computing Services

Akamai's Gecko initiative promises to make it simpler to centrally manage and deploy application workloads on edge computing platforms.

1 week ago

Improve Efficiency With Smaller Code Reviews

Breaking down code reviews into more manageable portions can yield great benefits including efficiency, security and accuracy.

1 week ago