Business of DevOps

AWS Unfurls Bevy of Automation Tools to Streamline DevOps

At the AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon Web Services (AWS) added a bevy of tools to its portfolio intended to accelerate…

23 hours ago

Why Do You Need GitHub Backup?

You've probably heard the joke that there are two types of people in IT: Those who do backups and those…

2 days ago

Bridging the Developer Experience (DevX) Gap

They say our past experiences have an impact on how we view life and our general outlook. Routine behaviours and…

2 days ago

Does Your Organization Need a Data Diet?

The scenario is all-too-familiar: There’s a security breach, and afterward, the affected organization asks what it must do to better…

3 days ago

Will Automation Fill Gaps Left by the ‘Great Resignation’?

Between burnout, job-hopping and the ongoing pandemic, labor shortages will surely get worse before they get better, and automation is…

3 days ago

The ‘Great Resignation’ in DevOps? Bah, Humbug

Like me, you have probably heard a lot about the “Great Resignation” lately. I’ll admit—at first I did not think…

4 days ago

WhiteSource Report Finds NPM Vulnerabilities Fixed Fast

WhiteSource today published a report that found most of the vulnerabilities that affect node package managers (NPMs), widely employed to…

5 days ago

A Pro Football Approach to Agile Vs. DevOps

Enterprises and professional football teams have a lot in common. The pressures of being more agile, more resilient while ensuring…

5 days ago

WTH? We Wanna WFH | DoD Dual-Sources JWCC | More Nvidia ARM Woes

In this week’s The Long View: Working from home is de rigueur, JEDI redux, and more about Nvidia/Arm.

1 week ago

Digital Transformation Driving VSM Adoption

The number of organizations using value stream management (VSM) to bridge the divide between DevOps and the rest of the…

1 week ago