AIOps Success Requires Synthetic Internet Telemetry Data

The data used to train AI models needs to reflect the production environments where applications are deployed.

3 months ago

Sumo Logic Eliminates Ingest Fees for Observability Log Data

Sumo Logic will no longer charge a fee for ingesting log data into its observability platform to encourage DevOps teams…

4 months ago

Techstrong Research PulseMeter: Caching Transforms Application Performance

The Techstrong Research PulseMeter report underscores the critical role of database caching in supporting real-time applications and digital experience delivery.

4 months ago

JFrog Extends MLOps Integration Efforts via Qwak Alliance

JFrog's integration with Qwak's MLOps platform will advance collaboration between teams building and deploying multiple classes of software artifacts.

5 months ago

What the Evolution of Specialized Hardware for AI and ML Means for DevOps

DevOps teams should consider a number of different strategies to ensure apps remain efficient and portable across various chip architectures.

5 months ago

How Can DevOps Teams Use Customer Intelligence Data?

DevOps can use the insights drawn from customer intelligence in addition to its use informing business strategy, product development and…

5 months ago

DevOps Guide to Java Profiling

By using a Java profiler, developers can gain a deep understanding of the application's performance characteristics and identify potential areas…

5 months ago

Dynatrace Extends Data Reach and Scope of Observability Platform

Dynatrace unfurled a Dynatrace OpenPipeline that makes it possible to apply analytics to multiple types of data sources in real…

5 months ago

2024 Infrastructure Tech Predictions

From the death of the modern data stack sprawl to the birth of generative AI, 2024 represents the beginning of…

6 months ago

Navigating the Hybrid Cloud Maze: Overcoming Adoption Hurdles

Hybrid clouds cater to the strategic shift toward more agile, responsive and cost-effective IT operations.

6 months ago