DevOps in the Cloud

Exploring Low/No-Code Platforms, GenAI, Copilots and Code Generators

The emergence of low/no-code platforms is challenging traditional notions of coding expertise. Gone are the days when coding was an…

6 days ago

Tools for Sustainability in Cloud Computing

You’re probably sold on the environmental benefits of moving to the cloud. These tools can help you get there faster…

2 weeks ago

Bringing DevOps Automation to Legacy Systems

Most organizations that adopt DevOps for conventional applications use automation tools and techniques, including Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and Configuration-as-Code (CaC), automated…

3 weeks ago

Smoothing API Onboarding With Simulation and Documentation

“Soon we’ll be making another run…And love, exciting and new, Come aboard, we’re expecting you…”– Theme from The Love Boat,…

3 weeks ago

A Brief History of DevOps and the Link to Cloud Development Environments

The history of DevOps is worth reading about, and “The Phoenix Project,” self-characterized as “a novel of IT and DevOps,”…

4 weeks ago

Building an Open Source Observability Platform

By investing in open source frameworks and LGTM tools, SRE teams can effectively monitor their apps and gain insights into…

4 weeks ago

Survey Sees Cloud Developer Environment Adoption Gaining Momentum

A Coder survey found that while 95% of developers and business leaders are familiar with cloud development environments, the reasons…

4 weeks ago

Best Practices for Configuring MySQL Replication

MySQL provides several replication configuration options. However, ensuring it is done correctly may take time and effort, with considerable choices.…

4 weeks ago

From Chaos to Clarity: Streamlining DevSecOps in the Digital Era

Organizations need a scalable security orchestration framework that eliminates friction in DevSecOps workflows and drives efficiency in real-time.

1 month ago

Edge Computing Requires DevOps at Scale

The rise of edge computing will drive a long-overdue convergence of DevOps, data engineering, security, networking, OT and MLOps best…

1 month ago