DevOps in the Cloud

JFrog Forms Broad DevOps Alliance with GitHub

JFrog and GitHub today revealed a partnership through which they will work together to integrate their respective DevOps platforms, including…

4 weeks ago

Microsoft Infuses AI into DevOps Workflows

Microsoft this week added a bevy of tools to its portfolio that infuses generative artificial intelligence (AI) into DevOps workflows.

1 month ago

A Gentle Introduction to Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

The main objective of continuous monitoring is to help companies identify problems early enough for a DevOps team to address…

1 month ago

Security, Automation and Developer Experience: The Top DevOps Trends of 2024

If you want to know what's truly changing in the world of DevOps – as opposed to which conversations are…

1 month ago

Harness Survey Surfaces Raft of DevOps Challenges

A survey of 500 software engineering leaders (38%) and practitioners finds nearly half reporting they can't release code to production…

1 month ago

GitLab Readies Enterprise Edition of AI Tools for DevOps

GitLab this week revealed that, in the coming months, it will add an enterprise edition of its artificial intelligence (AI)…

1 month ago

Building Toward Unified Observability

Observability, AI and automation can help organizations achieve proactive IT management and eschew traditional monitoring. Here’s what’s involved.

1 month ago

Survey Credits Engineering Teams With Keeping Lid on Cloud Costs

A CloudZero survey credits engineering teams with keeping cloud costs under control, but there's still some room for improvement. A…

1 month ago

StarTree Makes Observability Case for Apache Pinot Database

StarTree broadly enhances its real-time database platform by adding query support for metrics, logs and traces. StarTree today made a…

2 months ago

The Role of DevOps in Orchestrating Enterprise-Wide Cloud Security

By implementing DevSecOps practices, organizations can proactively address security concerns early in development, reducing vulnerabilities.

2 months ago