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Stream Big, Think Bigger: Analyze Streaming Data at Scale

Data streams are all the rage. Once a niche element of data engineering, streaming data is the new normal—more than…

4 hours ago

What’s Ahead for the Future of Data Streaming?

Data is everywhere. It's being produced by almost everyone and everything around us. For businesses to be competitive, they need…

5 hours ago

The Strategic Product Backlog: Lead, Follow, Watch and Explore

The economic outlook for 2023 suggests many organizations will be leading through a period of resource scarcity as IT budgets…

1 day ago

Microsoft Outage Outrage: Was it BGP or DNS?

All of Microsoft’s cloud services go down, everywhere. Redmond’s IaaS, PaaS and SaaS—including GitHub—were dead for several hours, and are…

2 days ago

Digital Experience and the Future of Observability

Over the past two years, there’s been significant hype around observability in the IT operations and DevOps world. As shorthand…

1 week ago

8-Bit Floating Point for AI/ML? | Amazon and Microsoft Shed Tech Jobs

In this week’s #TheLongView: New ideas bring low-power ML inference, and more big-tech jobs are going.

1 week ago

Optimizing the Developer Experience in 2023

2022 was a banner year for innovation, but not only in the traditional “churning out new features” way. Many organizations…

1 week ago

FAA Ground Stop due to Technical Debt? | Don’t Do DIY Crypto!

In this week’s #TheLongView: The FAA’s NOTAM database gets corrupted, and Threema shows why DIY encryption is bad.

2 weeks ago

Why GraphQL Will Reign King

After years of development, GraphQL is set to reign as the go-to API for data fetching. But what is GraphQL?…

2 weeks ago

5 GraphQL Trends to Watch in 2023

The GraphQL query language had a big year in 2022. We witnessed its increase in production use cases, solving overfetching…

2 weeks ago