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Editorial Calendar for February 2016

SmartBear Adds More Generative AI Testing Tools to Platform

SmartBear this week extended its efforts to bring generative artificial intelligence (AI) to its test automation portfolio to include test…

23 hours ago

Transforming the Mainframe Developer Experience With Generative AI: A Day in the Life of a Developer

GenAI helps developers maintain consistency and compliance across the codebase, reducing the risk of introducing errors or vulnerabilities.

1 day ago

The Rise of Coding Assistants: Supercharging Developer Productivity

The rapid advancements in large language model (LLM) coding assistants have sparked debates about the future of coding, with some…

3 days ago

Only 10% of Organizations are Doing Full Observability. Can Generative AI Move the Needle?

Generative AI, powered by large language models (LLMs), introduces a transformative solution to the challenges of modern observability.

3 days ago

Can AI Replace DevOps Engineers ?

Let's figure out what AI does well, where it falls short, and whether DevOps professionals should fear it and start…

4 days ago Extends Scope and Reach of DevSecOps Platform

The Erawan Release of a DevSecOps platform provides a set of new and enhanced capabilities to help automate applications security…

5 days ago

Embrace Extends Mobile App Alliance with Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs and Embrace, a provider of a platform for troubleshooting mobile applications, this week extended their alliance to include…

1 week ago Adds Tool to Detect Presence of Generative AI Code this week added a MendAI tool to its application security portfolio that identifies code generated by an artificial intelligence…

1 week ago

Shreds.AI Launches LLM Platform Trained for Software Engineering

Shreds.AI today unveiled a namesake generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform based on a large language model (LLM) it trained to…

1 week ago

Pulumi Adds Generative AI CoPilot to Manage Cloud Infrastructure

Using Generative AI assistants, instead of requiring a small army of software engineers, a smaller team will be able to…

1 week ago