Vulnerability Management for DevOps Teams: A Practical Guide

The goal of vulnerability management is to close the gap between discovery and resolution, thereby minimizing the window of opportunity…

2 days ago

Synopsys Report Sees Steady Application Security Gains

An analysis of the security automation practices of 130 organizations published by Synopsys suggests significant progress toward securing software supply…

4 days ago

How Encryption Innovation Will Power Cloud Privacy for Developers in 2024

With new encryption technologies rapidly advancing, developers can ensure their applications are secure.

1 week ago

DevOps Best Practices for Faster and More Reliable Software Delivery

To get the most out of DevOps, there are a number of best practices developers should follow.

1 week ago

Is SASE the DevSecOps of Infrastructure Management?

The strategic resemblance between the philosophy behind secure access service edge (SASE) and DevSecOps is uncanny.

1 week ago

Veracode Extends DAST Reach Left Toward Developers

Veracode launched a version of its automated DAST tool, dubbed DAST Essentials, that is embedded within an IDE.

2 weeks ago

Observability: The Central Watchtower Your All-Seeing IT Needs

Database specialists and IT teams need a clear view of database performance telemetry if they want to maintain the health,…

2 weeks ago

Lineaje Allies With Persistent Systems on Open Source Software Remediation Service

Lineaje and Persistent Systems are providing a managed service for remediating open source vulnerabilities that leverages AI technologies.

2 weeks ago

CISA, NSA Issue Supply Chain Security Guidance Report

The NSA, ODNI and CISA have issued guidance to assist software developers and suppliers in shoring up software integrity and…

3 weeks ago

Where to Start With Secure Design – Tips for Developers

Designing secure software is an increasingly hot topic, and for good reason. In recent weeks, we’ve seen a global effort…

3 weeks ago