The Role of AI in Securing Software and Data Supply Chains

Expect attacks on the open source software supply chain to accelerate, with attackers automating attacks in common open source software…

3 days ago

Securing Open Source Software, the Cyber Resilience Act Way

The Eclipse Foundation is spearheading an effort to create a unified framework for secure software development.

2 weeks ago

From Chaos to Clarity: Streamlining DevSecOps in the Digital Era

Organizations need a scalable security orchestration framework that eliminates friction in DevSecOps workflows and drives efficiency in real-time.

4 weeks ago

JFrog Survey Surfaces Raft of DevSecOps Challenges

A JFrog survey found that 60% of IT professionals typically spend four days or more remediating application vulnerabilities in a…

1 month ago

appCD Launches Platform to Securely Provision Cloud Infrastructure

appCD's platform analyzes an application about to be deployed and automatically generates the code to provision the required infrastructure.

2 months ago

AISecOps: Expanding DevSecOps to Secure AI and ML

AISecOps, the application of DevSecOps principles to AI/ML and generative AI, means integrating security into models' life cycles.

2 months ago

Cycode Acquires Bearer to Extend ASPM Platform

Cycode has acquired Bearer, a provider of a set of tools for SAST, API discovery and identification of sensitive data.

2 months ago

Survey Sees Limited DevSecOps Progress Being Made as Vulnerabilities Mount

A recent survey found that, on average, organizations have 55.5 security vulnerabilities each day in their remediation queue, with at…

2 months ago

Securing the DevOps Pipeline: Tools and Best Practices

Because of the critical nature of the DevOps pipeline, security is becoming a top priority. Here's how to integrate DevSecOps.

2 months ago

Why DevOps is Key to Software Supply Chain Security

Organizations can maintain their DevOps momentum while protecting the software supply chain by shifting security left.

2 months ago