Enterprise DevOps

Atlassian Taps AI to Automate Software Engineering Workflows

Atlassian acquired Optic, which uses OpenAPI to track API changes across a continuous integration pipeline. It also announced a new…

2 weeks ago

Spotify to Provide Opinionated Instance of Backstage IDP

Backstage helps large teams document their infrastructure and services. This extends the open source version.

3 weeks ago

Tricentis Taps Generative AI to Automate Application Testing

Tricentis is adding AI assistants to make it simpler for DevOps teams to create tests.

4 weeks ago

Your AI Might be Lying to You

Simple tests can demonstrate whether a code generator is actually doing what you ask.

1 month ago

Our Infrastructure is Still Expanding

Infrastructure is expanding in almost every possible way, and this creates more of a burden on every aspect of IT,…

2 months ago

How Generative AI Enables Unified Continuous Testing Platforms

Generative AI can help address the challenges of unifying diverse testing needs into a single continuous testing platform.

2 months ago

The IT-DevOps Life Cycle is Like a Pyramid That Keeps Growing

For the most part, the demand for new technology to solve age-old problems has been a net increase in workload.

2 months ago

Cognition Labs Previews Devin AI Software Engineer

Cognition Labs previewed Devin, which it describes as the world’s first software engineer based on artificial intelligence (AI).

2 months ago

Is it Time to Reconsider CI?

If you have issues with Jenkins, look around. There are options. Find the best CI tool for you, not just…

2 months ago

Applying AI/ML to Continuous Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can play a transformative role across the software development lifecycle, with a special…

2 months ago