ContextQA Turns to IBM for AI to Automate Testing

News of the collaboration of a software testing solutions company with AI from IBM to help streamline the software testing…

6 days ago

No Country for No-Code: Are We Heading Towards a Wild West of Software Security?

The specter of an untrained employee creating applications is alarming: No-code/low-code platforms empower employees with no application security knowledge to…

1 month ago

Spotify to Provide Opinionated Instance of Backstage IDP

Backstage helps large teams document their infrastructure and services. This extends the open source version.

2 months ago

Exploring Low/No-Code Platforms, GenAI, Copilots and Code Generators

The emergence of low/no-code platforms is challenging traditional notions of coding expertise. Gone are the days when coding was an…

2 months ago

The Rise of Low-Code/No-Code in DevOps

The rise of low-code/no-code platforms in DevOps is reshaping the way software is developed and deployed.

3 months ago

Low Code: The Key to Accelerating Custom App Dev for Moderate Developers

Custom app development has become a crucial skill in an increasingly digitized world. Many moderate developers face challenges while creating…

3 months ago

Why Startups are Betting Big on Low-Code/No-Code

It is exhaustive — from infrastructure to app delivery, from data to applications — to modernize your practices, processes and…

5 months ago

Using LLMs to Automate Pipeline Conversions From Legacy to Tekton

There have been many technological advancements in the market today, but the main hindrance is the cumbersome process of switching…

5 months ago

From Reaction to Robots: Riding the AI Wave in 2024

Investment in security-aware developers and collaboration between them and AppSec teams should be a driving force in 2024.

5 months ago

Is SASE the DevSecOps of Infrastructure Management?

The strategic resemblance between the philosophy behind secure access service edge (SASE) and DevSecOps is uncanny.

7 months ago