Low-Code Should be Worried About ChatGPT

Is ChatGPT the technology revolution that will save the world, or the Pandora’s Box that will eventually destroy it? How…

2 weeks ago

Microsoft Power Platform Integrates ChatGPT: What This Means

Microsoft recently announced it integrated ChatGPT into its low-code Power Platform developer suite. This follows the news of ChatGPT-powered Bing…

3 weeks ago

Why Low-Code/No-Code Tech is Important in a Competitive Job Market

The demand for tech professionals is increasing exponentially as digital skills become a requirement for businesses. However, the world is…

1 month ago

How Will Low-Code and AI Coexist?

Over the last few years, low-code solutions have become important to help organizations widen programming accessibility to a broader base…

1 month ago

Dev of core-js Will Flip Table ¦ Another 451 PyPI Maldeps

In this week’s #TheLongView: Denis Pushkarev is fed up with core-js freeloaders, and hundreds more malicious packages found at PyPI.

1 month ago

No-Code Automated Software Solves a Host of Problems

There’s a huge disconnect in corporate America, and it’s costing companies big time. The disconnect involves software testing, or, more…

3 months ago

The Time for Automated Testing is Now

Skilled software testers continue to be in high demand, and it appears that trend won’t change any time soon. The…

3 months ago

Best of 2022: We Must Kill ‘Dinosaur’ JavaScript | Microsoft Open Sources 3D Emoji

In this week’s The Long View: JavaScript is a bloated barrier to progress, and Microsoft’s emoji are on GitHub.

3 months ago

Salesforce Launches Low-Code DevOps Platform

Salesforce made generally available today a low-code DevOps Center service on its infrastructure through which developers are provided an opinionated…

4 months ago

From Frontend to Full Stack: How I Leveraged Modern Dev Tools to Make the Leap

A few years ago, I had an idea about how to make publishing recipes on the internet more accessible and…

4 months ago