Platform Engineering

Empowering Self-Service Users in the Digital Age

Creating and evolving an intuitive yet secure self-service portal for users consuming IT resources has become a key undertaking for…

1 week ago

Comparing Approaches: Center of Excellence Versus Platform Engineering

Both CoE and platform engineering aim to boost productivity and collaboration. Which is best for your shop?

4 weeks ago

Platform Engineering: The Evolution to DevOps-as-a-Service

Platform engineering represents the evolution of DevOps into a more structured and service-oriented model, effectively embodying the principles of DevOps-as-a-service.

4 weeks ago

Shreds.AI Launches LLM Platform Trained for Software Engineering

Shreds.AI today unveiled a namesake generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform based on a large language model (LLM) it trained to…

1 month ago

Building Catchpoint Into CI/CD Pipelines

Catchpoint's value proposition is simple to understand. It monitors website and application performance beyond your own infrastructure to provide a…

2 months ago

Exploring Low/No-Code Platforms, GenAI, Copilots and Code Generators

The emergence of low/no-code platforms is challenging traditional notions of coding expertise. Gone are the days when coding was an…

3 months ago

How to Migrate an Observability Platform to Open Source

Migrating to an open source stack gives you control over telemetry data and reduces observability costs. Here's how to do…

3 months ago

A Brief History of DevOps and the Link to Cloud Development Environments

The history of DevOps is worth reading about, and “The Phoenix Project,” self-characterized as “a novel of IT and DevOps,”…

4 months ago

Building an Open Source Observability Platform

By investing in open source frameworks and LGTM tools, SRE teams can effectively monitor their apps and gain insights into…

4 months ago

Survey Surfaces Substantial Platform Engineering Gains

While most app developers work for organizations that have platform teams, there isn't much consistency regarding where that team reports.

4 months ago