Platform Engineering

KubeCon 2023: Developer Productivity and Platform Engineering

Venkat Ramakrishnan talks with Mitch Ashley about platform engineering from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon 2023.

1 day ago

KubeCon 2023: Internal Developer Platforms and Developer Productivity

  Mitch Ashley: Hey there, everybody. Welcome back to Chicago to KubeCon 2023. We are on day two of our…

4 days ago

Elevating Developer Experience (DevEx) in Platform Engineering

In platform engineering, DevEx is a pivotal linchpin that amplifies developer productivity and expedites the software delivery timeline.

2 weeks ago

The Benefits of Self-Service Infrastructure

Self-service infrastructure offers numerous advantages that help businesses become more efficient and agile.

4 weeks ago

DevOps Halloween: Tricks and Treats

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s explore the tricks and treats of DevOps choices to ensure your team ends up…

1 month ago

Preparing for the Shift to Platform Engineering

Organizations must proactively navigate newly emerging trends within platform engineering to remain competitive.

1 month ago

How to Build a Data Platform for Self-Service, Ad-Hoc Analytics

To truly fulfill the promise of self-service, ad-hoc data analytics across huge datasets, teams need to work in real-time.

1 month ago

Atlassian Makes Compass IDP Generally Available

Atlassian's Compass provides an instance of an IDP that is simpler for DevOps teams to set up and maintain.

2 months ago

Microsoft kills Python 3.7 ¦ … and VBScript ¦ Exascaling ARM on Jupiter

In this week’s #TheLongView: VS Code drops support for Python 3.7, Windows drops VBScript, and Europe plans the fastest ARM…

2 months ago

But Are You a Platform?

Don MacVittie asks, 'Do you really need all the functionality of a platform, or will a single tool suffice?'

2 months ago