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Codefresh’s More Robust, Open Source Marketplace Makes Coding Easier, Faster, More Secure

SAN FRANCISCO (JENKINS WORLD), August 13, 2019Codefresh has dramatically improved its open source marketplace with features that underscore the company’s commitment to removing barriers to faster code deployment, saving developers frustration, time, and money. The news was announced at Jenkins World, where Codefresh is exhibiting from August 13 – 15 in San Francisco at Moscone West, Booth #1031.

First deployed in December 2018, the Codefresh Marketplace makes it easier for code developers to find commands without having to learn a proprietary API – every step, browsable in the pipeline builder, is a simple Docker image. The Marketplace contains a more robust set of pipeline steps provided both by Codefresh and partners, such as Blue-Green and Canary deployment steps for Kubernetes, Aqua security scanning, and Helm package and deployment.  All plugins are open source and users can contribute to the collection by creating a new plugin.

Additional new functionality includes the ability to create private steps for a specific team, a new section for items maintained by Codefresh, and automatic scanning and security checking of Marketplace additions.

“Our steps Marketplace provides building blocks for your pipelines. It is very easy to search for a keyword and see if there is a step for that method,” said Dan Garfield, Chief Technology Evangelist for Codefresh. “We look forward to communities adding more plugins as the adoption of Docker within companies skyrockets and the benefits of Docker-based tooling become more clear.”

The Marketplace can be found at To learn more about Codefresh, view What is Codefresh that explains the ease of use to get code into production faster without the need to reinvent the wheel.

About Codefresh, Inc.
Founded in 2014, Codefresh is the first Kubernetes-native CI/CD. After GA in 2017, Codefresh has gained tens of thousands of users. Unlike legacy solutions, Codefresh pipelines are uniquely designed for cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes and Helm. Codefresh is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and backed by world-class investors: M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, Viola Ventures, Vertex Ventures, Hillsven, CEIIF, UpWest Labs and Streamlined Ventures. Learn more about Codefresh at Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter at @codefresh.

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