Bridging the Network Automation Skills Gap

With the introduction of network programmability and APIs for everything from management systems to devices themselves, the modern network landscape…

3 days ago

DataOps and Beyond: How DevOps Methodology Transformed Our Approach to Data Science

The DevOps methodology has become synonymous with forward technical thinking–a workplace culture that reinforces best cultural practice and promotes more,…

5 days ago

IT Automation Tools Are No Longer Enough

As Chris Gardner—who conducted the Forrester Wave on Infrastructure Automation Platforms—stated, “Infrastructure automation isn’t just on-premises or in the cloud.…

2 weeks ago

How to Properly Approach Automation

Imagine if you backed out of your driveway, tapped the gas and BAM! You are at work. Nothing to worry…

2 weeks ago

Moving from NOC to the SRE Model

Is Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) another case of “Do what Google does”? When viewed with a discerning lens, the practices…

3 weeks ago

Atlassian Adds No-Code Automation Tool to Jira Cloud

Atlassian announced today it has added a no-code tool to enable DevOps teams to make it easier to customize Jira…

3 weeks ago

DevOps Chats: Solving Complexity in Continuous Testing, with Sauce Labs

SauceCon 2020 by the good folks at Sauce Labs is just about a month and half away (April 27). As…

4 weeks ago

Commercial Objectives in the Age of Automation

When I was 17 years old, back in 1971, I sold orange juice near a busy street corner in New…

1 month ago

The Needs of Others


1 month ago