IBM Adds Lower-Cost Linux Mainframe to Portfolio

IBM made its most aggressive move yet in its quest to make mainframes running Linux more affordable, launching an entry-level…

4 weeks ago

Best of 2023: ‘Scrum == Cancer’ ¦ Plus: Linux 6.5 Ships

In this week’s #TheLongView: Scrum sucks, sources say; and here comes the Linux 6.5 kernel.

2 months ago

Canonical Automates Provisioning of Cloud Environments Anywhere

Canonical's MicroCloud framework leverages Linux containers and Snap to automatically orchestrate the provisioning of cloud environments.

4 months ago

Improvement Cycles and AI

Don MacVittie makes one early prediction for 2024: AI will be the next big DevOps tool to break bottlenecks.

4 months ago

Senser Unveils AIOps Platform Using eBPF to Collect Data

Senser launched an AIOps platform that leverages eBPF in Linux operating systems to collect data from IT environments.

5 months ago

Latest eBPF Advances Are Harbingers of Major Changes to IT

The open source community advancing eBPF gathered at a virtual eBPF Summit today that featured a demonstration of use in…

6 months ago

Convert COBOL Easily? Yes, Please!

IBM's preview of an AI tool to convert COBOL to Java has Don MacVittie cheering.

6 months ago

2024—Year of the Linux Desktop? ChromeOS Reflects its Inner Penguin ¦ GNOME Rethink

In this week’s #TheLongView: Can the Linux desktop installed base break the mythical 10% barrier? Google has been refactoring ChromeOS,…

7 months ago

Syslogs in Linux: Understanding Facilities and Levels

Syslogs are an integral aspect of Linux systems, serving as a foundation for efficient monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis.

8 months ago

Forking RHEL! Oracle and SUSE Join the Fight ¦ Silverman Sues AI Firms

In this week’s #TheLongView: SUSE announces a Red Hat Enterprise Linux fork after Oracle said a similar thing, and Sarah…

8 months ago