4 Reasons Why Tech Leaders Should Prioritize the Testing & Mocking Phase for Better Development

Automated testing and mocking need to be the most prioritized area in your SDLC to eliminate friction for your developer…

11 hours ago

From Scalability to Speed: Generative AI has Put Testing on Steroids

The rapid integration of Generative AI in the last few years has shifted the base toward new testing solutions —…

2 weeks ago

Testing Agents: More than a Copilot

Copilots boost productivity for both use cases but are generally passive tools that must be fed precise requirements to get…

3 weeks ago

SmartBear Adds More Generative AI Testing Tools to Platform

SmartBear this week extended its efforts to bring generative artificial intelligence (AI) to its test automation portfolio to include test…

4 weeks ago

SmartBear Applies Generative AI Across API Tool Portfolio

The software testing and monitoring company SmartBear has introduced Generative AI technology to API tools, so enhancing software development and…

2 months ago

Copado Applies Generative AI to Salesforce Application Testing

Copado's genAI tool automates testing in Salesforce software-as-a-service (SaaS) application environments.

3 months ago

Survey Sees AI Playing Larger Role in Test Automation

A Tricentis survey found organizations could see massive costs savings by fully automating mobile application testing.

4 months ago

How Generative AI Enables Unified Continuous Testing Platforms

Generative AI can help address the challenges of unifying diverse testing needs into a single continuous testing platform.

4 months ago

Machine Learning in Predictive Testing for DevOps Environments

The integration of AI and ML in testing is a fundamental shift in how we approach software quality and reliability…

4 months ago

Applying AI/ML to Continuous Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can play a transformative role across the software development lifecycle, with a special…

4 months ago