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Application Discovery! The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Enterprises are under tremendous pressure to deliver business value, and traditional businesses are under threat from disruptors. How can enterprises deliver business value from applications that have existed for as long as modern computing has been in place. Is it possible to monetize these monolithic applications residing on large System of Records?

In order to simplify and improve their productivity, enterprise developers are exploring ways to discover hidden patterns in their application delivery pipeline and adopting DevOps.

Learn how enterprises can unlock value from their existing applications with the help of Application Discovery methodologies combined with the power of APIs.

Join Rosalind Radcliffe – Distinguished Engineer, IBM & Suman Gopinath – Solution Architect , IBM as they discuss and help the mainframe enterprise tread the digital transformation journey.

In this webcast you will learn about:

* Enabling Transformation thru unlocking business critical applications without deep mainframe skills
* Increasing productivity by automating the production of detailed documentation, that helps you rapidly gain an accurate understanding of application structures
* Reducing risk with earlier problem detection and increased