PEBKAC Avoidance

We’ve all said it. We’ve all done it. We’ve all shook our heads at it. PEBKAC. Problem exists between keyboard and chair. User error. While generally applied to the end-user community – those folks who are considered technical neophytes by IT professionals – it can and should also be applied to those of us who have, at least once (admit it, come on, I know you’ve done it) fat fingered a configuration on a web server, a switch, a router, or some other network or application service. It’s okay. We’ve all been there – head down on the keyboard, a litany of words we wouldn’t use in front of our mothers streaming from our lips between enumerations of how long we’ve sat at our desk looking for the problem. Mine was a misconfiguration of route metrics in the now long gone Network Computing lab that sent traffic from one side ...

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DevOps and Security Are Compatible

When I speak with information security organizations faced with the prospect of moving to DevOps, one of the most common fears I hear is that this transition will degrade security of infrastructure and applications.  If you’re one of these folks, I understand this fear but you can rest assured:  when you do things correctly security will actually improve. One big reason security benefits in this model is due to improved alignment and tighter feedback loops.  You see, DevOps is about creating a unified, engaged team and doesn’t make it easy to fall into the “silo thinking” that traditionally leads to security as an afterthought. DevOps embraces automation and consistency, which benefits security by allowing you to add automated checks during coding to look for obvious security issues and flag things for human review (such as the linking of new libraries or the introduction of new third-party components that could add risk). ...

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Approaches to Application Release Automation

This is a guest post by Phil Cherry from Nolio A discussion of process-based, package-based, declarative, imperative and generic approaches to application release automation. Application Release Automation is a relatively new, but rapidly maturing area of IT. As with all new areas there is plenty of confusion around what Application Release Automation really is and the best way to go about it. There are those who come at it with a very developer-centric mind-set, there are those who embrace the modern DevOps concept and even those who attempt to apply server based automation tools to the application space. Having worked with many companies of various sizes, technologies, cultures and mind-sets; both as they select an ARA (Application Release Automation) tool and as they move on to implement their chosen tool, I have had many opportunities to assess the various approaches. In this short blog I will discuss the pro’s and ...

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