Deployment and Monitoring Automation with glu

glu is a free/open source deployment and monitoring automation platform. glu is a project that was started at LinkedIn mid-2009 to address the exponentially growing needs of deploying the set of applications and services that make up the LinkedIn experience. Although some projects like Chef and Puppet existed at the time, they were mostly good at configuring the infrastructure (creating users, installing java, etc…). glu lives in a higher space: provisioning dynamic applications on an ensemble of machines (change often, real-time failure detection, etc…). glu is in the application deployment space First, let’s start with some definition: when I say application, I mean a piece of code that usually needs to run, and usually offers some form of api to talk to (which, at a lower level, is a socket listening on a port). Equivalent terminology is service or server. For example, a webapp server is an application. Although glu ...

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