Four open source tools to help keep you cooking with Chef

If you’re even a little familiar with DevOps concepts, you’ve probably heard of Chef. If you’ve started experimenting with or implementing DevOps, there’s a pretty good chance you’re using Chef. Chef is an awesome platform for managing a DevOps environment, but it isn’t perfect. Thankfully, missing features or gaps in the capabilities of a platform like Chef are just opportunities for other developers to step in and save the day. For some organizations, that may be a double-edged sword. It can be overwhelming to investigate the myriad options out there, and to choose tools that add value, without also adding more complexity and headaches than they’re worth. Let’s take a closer look at four of the most popular open source tools you can use in conjunction with Chef to make your life easier. 1. Foodcritic One of the coolest things about Chef—at least from a geek humor perspective—is how the ...

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Nagios is not a monitoring strategy

When I visit clients to talk about DevOps, I usually ask them what their monitoring strategy is. Too often, the answer I hear is “We use Nagios”. I think Nagios is a great tool, but it sure is not a strategy. Nagios does a good job of monitoring infrastructure. It will alert you when you are running out of disk, CPU, or memory. I call this reactive monitoring. In other words, Nagios is telling you that your resources are getting maxed out and you are about to have issues. Proactive monitoring focuses more on the behavior of the applications and attempts to detect when metrics are starting to stray away from their normal baseline numbers. Proactive monitoring alerts you that the system is starting to experience symptoms that can lead to a degradation of performance or capacity issues which is more preferable than Nagios telling you are about to be ...

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