DevOps card game a hit on Kickstarter

In a lot of ways DevOps is about making a community out of a work place. Alex Papadimoulis has a clever new way to make that happen. Alex is currently Kickstarting a card game about software development called Release!


The game itself is derived from classic trick trump games, like euchre or pinochle, but it’s mixed up with special cards that feature industry thought-leaders like Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, Gene Kim, and Dan North… with some minor costume changes.

The game appeared on Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago and quickly met and exceeded its funding goal. With support still growing, Alex and his team at Inedo were both surprised and excited.

“We get together and play games almost every week, and it’s definitely something we look forward to around the workplace. It’s cool to think that other people in the industry might be looking forward to playing our game.”

After the Kickstarter campaign, which ends on June 19th, Alex plans on making Release! the game available on Amazon, as well as at DevOps conferences.  So keep your eyes open, there might be a copy floating around your office soon.

About the author  ⁄ Patrick W Roach

Patrick W Roach

Patrick Roach is a front-end developer at Inedo and a 12th-level dwarf wizard in his spare time. He’s also the lead game designer for Release!, the software-themed game that smashed it’s Kickstarter goals by over 2,000%. Which led to the creation of Naturalist Games, a board game company mostly staffed by software engineers. In addition to gaming for hobby, Patrick is passionate about how games, gaming, and gamification intersect with software development, technology, and everyday life.