Expanding DevOps requires a supportive IT community

How do we bring newbies into the DevOps community? Until they know the melody, they can’t appreciate the song. While leading a DevOps event, the speaker polled the audience about their knowledge of DevOps.  All of the attendees were well acquainted and actively engaged.  It was obvious there were no newbies in the room.  It made me wonder if we were yelling into an echo chamber filled with people who were already on board.  Where were the newbies? My concerns that day reminded me of a 1990 Stanford University study led by graduate student Elizabeth Newton.  She assigned groups of two people to play a communications game. The first person picked a simple song that everyone would know (like Happy Birthday), and tapped the rhythm of the song on the table. The second person was the listener and tried to guess the song.  On average, the tappers anticipated a 50 ...

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DevOps.com Pitches a Big Tent

If you are reading this you have already discovered one way or another, that the new DevOps.com website has launched. I am proud to say that I have been one of a team of folks who have been working hard on DevOps.com for many months and weeks now.  I will serve as editor-in-chief and as a co-founder. Anyone who has started a business knows that I am also chief cook and bottle washer. That is OK though. This is not my first start up. Staying up until 2:30 or 3:00 am working on the site reminded me of how alive you feel when you are building a business. If only you could bottle that. We know we have much more to do to realize our vision. But we think we have enough to introduce you, the DevOps community to DevOps.com So what is DevOps.com? Frankly, it is a big tent. ...

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