The DevOps Journey

Maintaining a constant thirst for learning is essential for anyone dedicating their career to the IT, computer and networking industries. It’s more than just learning about the latest technologies, rather, it’s imperative we embrace new methodologies and paradigms for doing work, thinking about problems and creating solutions. Enter DevOps, which is a healthy mix of all the above. You might find things a bit confusing if you’re new to DevOps. There are many perspectives on what it means. For myself, there were two significant milestones on my journey to understand and embrace DevOps;  1) rethinking how we design large, dynamic applications and manage the underlying infrastructure in cloud environments such as Amazon AWS, and 2) reading the book The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford. At first blush, I thought DevOps suffered the “definition bloat” of so many other industry buzzwords (for example, “cloud” comes to ...

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Approaches to Application Release Automation

This is a guest post by Phil Cherry from Nolio A discussion of process-based, package-based, declarative, imperative and generic approaches to application release automation. Application Release Automation is a relatively new, but rapidly maturing area of IT. As with all new areas there is plenty of confusion around what Application Release Automation really is and the best way to go about it. There are those who come at it with a very developer-centric mind-set, there are those who embrace the modern DevOps concept and even those who attempt to apply server based automation tools to the application space. Having worked with many companies of various sizes, technologies, cultures and mind-sets; both as they select an ARA (Application Release Automation) tool and as they move on to implement their chosen tool, I have had many opportunities to assess the various approaches. In this short blog I will discuss the pro’s and ...

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